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About: All gifs are my favorite moments and my inner thoughts. Having too much fun in the K-World.

WARNING: some post/gif will be spamzzz with my never ending love & complaints.

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Be Back Soon

I try my mighty best to come back by next week. Still have not got my laptop fixed. Ish….

I have so many gifs i want to make and share wit you guys. :(

This is so depressing. “Maybe im crazy. Please dont let me ggooo!!!” - PHANTOM

Depression Mode

So my laptopa decide to find fault with me :( it seems like the wireless is not working (it cant detect any wireless)

Look like there wont be any new gifs for a while. This sux so much….

I will be back soon. Dont have too much fun while im gone:( Love you all *give flying kisses & invisble flowers.

Their choreography just awesome.

Had to do a gif on it. Just have to. It look so perfect.

Reason for gif, coz i want him sexy

Reason for gif, coz i want him sexy

His answer EPIC…. 

I think my post getting to Rated-R. Children under-17 kindly unfollow. My sincere apology. 

for a moment my mind when like PORN

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